Web Apps

Web applications are growing more prevalent due to the fact that web is present everywhere. The ease and convenience of using a web browser as a client doubled with the ability to update and maintain web applications without distributing and installing software on hundreds of computers. At Dzyne Web Solutions, we can help you to develop your own web application so that business and everyday life can be easier for you.

Imagine accessibility with the click of a button.

The basic support for cross-platform compatibility has also increased. Common web applications such as webmail, online shopping and auctions are available to access on several different systems, and in turn have become increasingly more popular by the day.

iPhone Apps

A new wave of application software is forming, and we are there to make the magic happen for you.

A few touches of an iPhone are all it would take to persuade almost anyone that they are experiencing the future of technology. The iPhone's fixed interface is not only a fun and efficient way to surf the Internet, but it is also incredibly useful for persons who operate one for business, especially when certain essential applications are in place.

It's almost certain that everyone will either have an iPhone or other smartphone in the near future, so why not bring your business with them?

The iPhone's "constant-on" environment is destined to redefine the way mobile device applications are built.

Business Management Apps

Increase your sales, or assist your marketing and customer service teams with tools that can generate more opportunities for profit. Boost customer satisfaction, and get more for your time.

We have experience in many classes of software management including:

  • Estimation and planning
  • Scheduling cost control and budget management
  • Resource allocation
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Quality management
  • Administration systems

The business management software we can build you will help you to understand fundamental information about your enterprises and make management a breeze.

Everything Else Apps

Haven't seen what your looking for in the other categories? Give us a call and we're sure we can build an App to do whatever you need it to!